What will the sea look like in 2120?

What will the sea look like in 2120?

The community planning faces a challenging period due to the global warming. Identifying future problems, challenges and changes becomes essential for community planning to come up with effective solutions and adaptations for our society.

The global warming will in different ways affect our society. Today several effects of climate change have already been noticed, but what kind of effects we will see at regional scale, such as changes in ecosystem services, is still unknown. The uncertainty increases pressure on the community planning. To create a sustainable long-term planning, increased knowledge about climate change and its effects on regional scale is needed.

The goal of ECOnnect is to show how the environment in Bothnian Bay will be affected by climate change hundred years ahead. The project will also analyze the effects on important ecosystem services in the region. Our goal is that ECOnnect will generate information that can improve the prerequisites for community planning to tackle the global warming, the perhaps biggest challenge in human history.  


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