Project activities

The project ECOnnect consists of three activities that examine the future of the Gulf of Bothnia from slightly different perspectives. Read more about the activities on their own pages:

Perfoliated pondweed underwater.

Future scenarios

ECOnnect studies how climate change can affect underwater nature and compares its present and future. Read more about the future scenarios here.

A large pike is hiding among underwater vegetation, only its tail fin and back visible.

Ecosystem services

ECOnnect studies marine nature also from a human perspective and analyzes the future of ecosystem services. Read more about the ecosystem services here.

Underwater scenery with lots of vegetation and clear water.


ECOnnect analyzes ecological connectivity between sea’s habitat types now and in the future. Read more about the connectivity here.

Model of sea currents

SMHI has produced models displaying the sea currents in the project area. Read more here.