Terms of use

These terms of use apply to econnect2120.com website. The terms are updated 19th of August 2021.

Description of the web service

The website is administrated by Metsähallitus, which is a state enterprise operating under the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of the Environment (business ID: 0116726-7). The site comprises information pages, photographs, map images, videos and animations.

Users undertake to comply with these terms of use, applicable legislation and good practices when using the site. The service is free of charge.

All information presented in the service is intended for information purposes only and should not be treated as legal, commercial or other advice. Metsähallitus is not liable for the applicability of information presented on the site to the users’ needs or any outcomes resulting from any actions taken based on this information.

Right of use for the material published on the website

The rights of the website and its photographs, map images, videos, animations and other documents belong to the ECOnnect project partners: Metsähallitus, The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten, The County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, and South Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The authors’ royalties of the photographs, videos and animations belong to the creators and editors.

Pages of the website and parts of them thereof may be printed for personal use.

Website administration and liability

While Metsähallitus makes every effort to ensure that the information on econnect2120.com website is as accurate as possible and of a high quality, no guarantees are given of the accuracy or content of the site. Metsähallitus reserves the right to improve and alter the content and structure of the service.

Metsähallitus is not responsible for ensuring the continuous availability of the website, nor does it guarantee that the site will function without interruption or fault. Metsähallitus does not accept liability for any direct or indirect damage incurred by the user for incorrect content, technical defects or maintenance work.

Metsähallitus reserves the right to change the site’s software, database, hardware and other parts of the service. Metsähallitus has the right to at any time temporarily or completely disable the site or a part of it.

Materials produced by other parties

Metsähallitus is not responsible for the content or functionality of other web services (nor any part thereof) which have been accessed from econnect2120.com website. By accessing a linked website, the user accepts that the website is no longer under Metsähallitus’ administration and that Metsähallitus has no influence over its content.

Applicable law

Finnish law will be applied to the use of the website and the interpretation of its terms and conditions of use. Any disputes relevant to the site will be settled by the Helsinki District Court pursuant to Finnish law.